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Meet a family-driven business with a fascinating backstory

July 3, 2020 - BY admin

In 1972 some members of the Mandalia family, emigrated from Kampala in Uganda to the UK, fleeing the devastating conflict that had made life parlous for the country’s Asian community. But this was just the start of a journey that saw them  end up running one of London’s most prosperous wholesale businesses – Barking-based Chetan Wholesalers.

Hard work and studies paved the way to get jobs in the Banking sector and TFL. All the brothers had a strong desire to work for themselves, so the brothers bought a small convenience store in Ilford, East London.

After the success of this venture, they purchased another convenience store on Cannon Street in the City of London. The market in those times were having fewer wholesalers and they saw a gap in the market to start a delivery service. They started a distribution hub and provided goods to convenience stores around London under the name of Chetan Wholesalers. Chetan acquired a larger site in Barking later on, from which all the business’ operations are now conducted.

Over the years Chetan has grown from strength to strength and in 1989 Chetan joined the Today’s Group as one of the buying group’s very first wholesale member, helping the company to secure better deals and prices to pass it on to its customers.

The business now primarily trades in alcohol, tobacco, confectionery, soft drinks and impulse groceries. Trends that Chetan has responded to in recent times are the rise of craft beverages and a general surge in popularity of all premium alcohol products and Chetan stocks great variety of them. Chetan has a good clientele of convenience store, off licence, corner shops, independent shops, clubs and restaurants as far as East Anglia and Sussex. 

Chetan Wholesalers Depot is about 60,000 sq.ft, many clientele still prefers todo visit the Depot and is suitable to see the products and buy. For those who prefers it online, Chetan is offering its service by Online and App. Customers who want to find great range of products with a good POR, Chetan is the place!


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