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June 23, 2020

N Local is an independent shop in Chingford, like many independent stores, N Local had tough competition from the large supermarkets. When the store was doing a revamp, our consultants in discussion with the Management changed the set up and structure and made it in alliance with the Chetan’s strategy for success.

Chetan’ key to success for N Local which applies to most independent shops was fourfold, first making the shop the place to shop for the locals and this was possible by designing the aisles and shelves with nice display of products and pricing, secondly the products were given competitive pricing. N Local joined the Retail Club at no extra cost and store had access to new deals every three weeks, covering wide range of grocery and licenced products and these products had driven footfall into the stores whilst delivering a healthy margin. Thirdly the store is given the promotional materials and are used to promote the new offers bringing new customers to the store. Last and not least, customers are supported with stock availability of products as and when they need.

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