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June 23, 2020

Food & Wine Shop contacted us first time for the pricing and stock availability of licenced products. We gave the pricing for our members and they straightaway visited our warehouse. Our consultants spoke to them about the product ranges and the locality and based on their requirements, we suggested changes, initially they were hesitant, however showing the benefits, they decided to try.

We introduced them to the Plan for Profit and they have used it extensively. With promotions available through out the year and many seasonal offers to complement, embracing them is the best bet and they have done that exactly. Store was given a lift up by the POS material and offer displays. Sudden transformation of the shop has seen a drastic change in their fortunes. Store is now one of the best performed stores in North West London, from couple of collections in a month, they are now one who requires regular supply. It’s very encouraging to see their growth from a nearly run down store to one of the best performed of all the shops, result of their transformation transformed the area as well.

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